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First aid courses for teenagers

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While teenagers often seem to think they are indestructible, parents still worry about them, especially as they start heading out into the world more independently. Here are some ways to convince them to do a first aid course so they are better prepared for any emergencies.

Link it to employment opportunities

If your teenager is looking to take on some casual work such as babysitting or refereeing at sporting matches, having a first aid course can open up their opportunities and help them to stand out from other teenagers by showing how serious they are about getting the job.

Find a course with a relevant focus

If you find a course that has a focus on some of the more relevant first aid issues for teenagers, including accidents and sprains as well as alcohol poisoning, it may interest them more than a generalist first aid course.  Teen focused courses are run by specialist instructors and are design to be interesting and engaging to that age group.

Of course, if they are interested in babysitting or similar jobs, a child-focused first aid course might be just as useful.

It's not them you are worried about, it's their friends

If your teenager is convinced they'll never need to use a first aid course, try appealing to their sense of altruism and group unity by framing the conversation around other people they might be near. Many teenagers can relate better if you talk about how their daredevil friend might need help after one of their more ambitious tricks.

It can also be worth teaming up with another parent to see if you can get their teen to join your teen, making it a more social activity for them both. That way it can seem less of a burden, and they can help each other during paired work.

Link the course to independence

Let your teen know that if they are wanting to gain some more independence at home, such as being left alone in the house or being allowed to borrow the family car, you will look more favourably on these requests if they have a first aid qualification.

First aid courses a great way for your teenager to take on some extra responsibility. Knowing that can look after themselves and their friends in an emergency can help to give you some extra confidence to trust them with extra independence. For more information, contact a local company that offers first aid courses.